Choosing Books

-         Begin with simple books.  Books with a few words and simple, uncluttered pictures are best for introducing books to babies and toddlers.  You know your child.  Choose stories and pictures of increasing complexity as your child develops; but don’t forget to revisit old favorites!

-         Look for high-quality, sturdy books.  Many types of books, such as board books, are created with young children in mind.  Make sure there are books in your collection which your child can handle from a very young age. 

-         Look for books that rhyme.  Hearing books with rhyming words will help your child pay attention to the specific sounds words are made of.

-         Look for repetitive books.  Your child will enjoy discovering patterns in predictable books. 

-         Find books with children as main characters.  Your child will be able to relate to the children in books, especially when the characters encounter familiar situations.

-         Avoid too many highly commercial books.  Books that are closely related to television shows, movies, and merchandise may take the focus off of reading.  Try to read a variety of books.

-         Find books about your child’s interests.  What does your child like?  Dogs? Trucks? Bugs? Castles?  There are books to meet every interest.  Your local library is a great resource. 

-         Look for books with different types of stories and different kinds of artwork.  Talk about what you like and find out which books your child enjoys most.

-         Seek out other books by authors and illustrators that you enjoy.

-         Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  A local librarian or bookseller will be happy to help you choose books well-suited to your child. 

-         Read books that you and your child love!  And don’t worry if your child wants to read the same book over and over again, even when you no longer love it. 

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