More Information

This website provides a brief overview of ways to encourage your child's love of reading.  Visit the links below to learn more about how your child learns to read and how you can help!

Learning to Read
- This page of the FamilyEducation website has information about children's literacy development, the role of toys, the role of TV, activities, and things you need to know about reading.

Reading and Your Child
- This page, from the University of Michigan Health Systems website, includes information about reading and language skills develop and how to make reading part of your family's lifestyle.

Reading Resources
- From the U.S. Department of Education website, here you'll find a collection of resources to promote reading success.

Scholastic Parent
- This page of the scholastic website contains links to tips and resources, including parent blogs and message boards.  Ideas are also categorized by your child's age.

The Children's Literature Web Guide
- This site includes resources for parents, lists of recommended books, links to authors and stories on the web, and children's literature organizations online, just to name a few!

Parent Resources
- This section of the International Reading Association's website contains a selection of downloadable brochures, lost cost booklets, and videos about helping children read.

Reading is Fundamental
- The parent section of this website features reading resources, organized by age group, to help you get your child excited about reading.

Tips/Resources for Parents
- This page from PBS contains information to help parents build literacy and language skill in readers of any age.

Don't forget to use the public library, where all the tools you need to enjoy books with your child are yours for free!  There are wonderful story times and reading programs going on at libraries all over the country.

Make sure you treat library books with care, model appropriate behavior for your child, and return your books on time.

Not sure where to find a library near you?  Click here!