Setting an Example

Monkey see, monkey do.

Reading to your child is a wonderful start but it is not enough.  The example you set is just as important to raising a reader.  Take a look at your own habits:

     ~When you have time to relax does your child see you reach for a book, newspaper, or magazine?

     ~Will your child notice that you’d rather spend all your free time in front of the computer or  television?
     ~Does your child have the opportunity to observe you reading on a daily basis?

     ~Does your child see you borrow books from friends, or from the library?

     ~Do you show your child enthusiasm when you give and receive books as gifts?

     ~Does your child hear you talk about what you read?

Children learn to value reading when they see that you value reading.  By observing you, children should see that reading is an important life skill (reading driving directions, assembly instructions, recipes, etc.) as well as an enjoyable leisure activity.